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The Provincial Government announces deep sense of grief and sorrow on         Five Days Refresher Course Training at Cooperative Training College Pe         Bajaur Political Alliance met with DC Bajaur Mr.Fayyaz Sherpao to disc         DC Bajaur, Mr. Mohammad Fayyaz Sherpao has chaired the meeting with Ba         Govt price list issued by District Administration Bajaur on dated 12-1         Nomination of FATA Candidates against seats reserved in Engineering Un         03 case of Covid-19 has been reported at Govt High School Pashat recen         The Deputy Commissioner Bajaur,Mr.Fayaz Sherpao held a meeting of Poli         Scholarship For Students of Deeni Madaris         Model Election Rules for Cooperative Societies Khyber Pakhtunkhwa         Modell Byelaws for Cooperative Housing Societies Khyber Pakhtunkhwa         Inspection of Sasta Bazars at Dargai and Sakhakot         Tehsil Haziri on 28.10.2020 - Honorable CM initiative         Inspection of Sasta Bazar by Sohail Ahmad Khan AC Batkhela (Location B         The Minster of Industry KP, Mr. Abdul Karim Khan visiting the district         Inspection of different schools by Addl: Deputy Commissioner (F&P) Mr.         Sasta Bazars established at each Tehsil of District Malakand         Inspection of Bazars at Dargai by AAC Dargai         Inspection of Wedding Halls for enforcement of Covid-19 SOPs         Tender for purchase of Stationery for the year 2020-21         Today the AAC Revenue Khar Mr.Ajam Khan Afridi has visited the Sabzi M         AC Khar, Mr. Fazal Rahim Is observing the Bidding process of Sabzi Man         AC Nawagai is observing the Sabzi Mandi bidding process early in the m         Today on dated 19/10/2020 the worthy DC Bajaur,Mr. Fayyaz Sherpao has         Deputy Commissioner Malakand (Rehan Khattak) personally inspected auct         Raid on Internet Cafes         Khuli Kachehri for Women and other segments of Society was held in Lev         Inspection of Schools         Action against Polythene Bags is in full swing         AC Nawagai Mr. Habib ullah Wazir has paid the visit the Lagharai Bazar         Today dated 13th October 2020 Govt Price List For the District Bajaur         Today on the dated 13th October 2020,the district administratrion Baja         Today Revenue Darbar held at ADC Officer under the chair of ADC (G) Za         AC Nawagai Mr.Habibullah Wazir has visited the CFC Charming for facili         Govt Rate list for Vegetable and Fruits at District Level. for the dat         Amendment of Cooperative Societies Rules 1927         Director General Prosecution KP site visited of under construction KP         District Bajaur Price List from the District Administration         Meeting of Polio eradication at district level is underway by DC Bajau         The Worthy DC Bajaur visited the Governor model school and college fo         SOPs for Audit of Cooperative Societies Khyber Pakhtunkhwa         The Worthy DC Bajaur and ADC Bajaur was warm well come to Bajaur liter         DC Bajaur Mr.Fayyaz Khan Sherpao and DEO visiting the diffirent School         Khyber Pakhtunkhwa CO-Operative societies ( Amendment) Act 2020         Up gradation field staff of Cooperative Department Khyber Pakhtunkhwa         POLITICAL MAP OF PAKISTAN PUBLISHED         The Worthy DC Bajaur has announced the re opening of all high School a         The Worthy DC Mr.Fayyaz Sherpao held meeting with health department re         Procurement Sub Committee Evaluation Report         Tender Notice for the Repair of the Toyota Land Cruiser V-8 (Bullet Pr         Audit Schedule for the year 2019-20         The Worthy DC Bajaur Mr.Fayyaz Khan Sherpao held the Khuli Kahcheri at         The worthy DC payed visit to Govt Degree College Bajaur for discussion         The district administration Bajaur announces Khuli Kachehri for the la         The Worthy DC Bajaur Mohammad Fayyaz Khan Sherpao inaugurated the lab         Political Map of Pakistan has been published         Technical Evaluation Five firms - bidders regarding Procurement MOU w         Technical Evaluation Procurement (3 Firms) of Agriculture Machinery an         On the bases of KP Good Governance Strategy, Progress Review meeting o         TECHNICAL PROPOSAL EVALUATION (ROAD PACKAGERS) under GZD-CADP         Hiring for Certification Body under Certification Project         Procurement Sub-Committee Evaluation Report under Gomal Zam Dam CADP         Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Promotion, Protection and Enforcemnet of Human Righ         The District Administration do regular monitoring of the Daily Price         The District Administration visited various Ehssas Kafalat Centers in         The District Administration distributed various Aftaar parcels among p         The District Administration Inaugurated Al-Khidmat Food Bank by Al-Khi         The District Administration has been completed Social distance circlin         The District Administration carried-out various activities regarding p         The District Administration Implemented partial lockdown at 4 o clock         Public Disclosure of Safeguard Documents of Khyber Pass Economic Corri         Appointment of sweeper         Cleanliness in Bannu         Board Exam Inspection by AAC-II         Shelter Home at Bannu         Alert         AAC-I visited the Photostatted and Book Shop         AAC-II Inspection         Beautification, on the direction of worthy DC bajaur colouring started         Today Meeting of Conservative and Protection of wild life under the ch         Secrety wild life KPK Mr. Shahid Ullah Khan visited the Bajaur and DC         Tender Notice for Purchase of Charcoal         Additional Deputy Commissioner bajaur visited FSC utmankhel         ADC general monitored Govt Graduate College khar and checked under con         Renaming of Ex-FATA House to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa House-II         Today on 27/02/2020 under the Chair of Deputy Commissioner Bajaur Usma         Today on dated 28th February 2020, The Worthy Addl: Deputy Commission         The Worthy DC Bajaur, Mr. Usman Mehsud has chaired the monthly review         Dandy Small Dam.         Spring 2020 Plantation Campaign         The District Administration announced a Kulhi Kahchari for the resolut         The AC Khar, Mr. Anawar Ul Haq inspects/monitored the Polio Team and         ADC Bajaur, Mr. Sohail Aziz is chairing the Polio up coming Campaign m         Assistant Commissioner Nawagai, Mr. Habib ullah Wazir is visiting the         Aditonal Assistant Commissioner Khar. Mr. Ilyas khan visit the bazzar         DC Bannu Plannted         District Media orientation session for NID February 2020 chaired by Ad         ESTA CODE         ADDENDUM/CORRIGENDUM         Establishment of Directorate for the Jabba Dam Project.         Food Minister Mr. Qalandar Khan Lodhi visit the Bajaur along with his         Some important jobs done by Provincial Govt in larger public interest         The District Administration is holding E-Kulhi Kachehri on dated 12-0         The District Administration is holding Kulhi Kachaheri on dated 12-02-         IG Police visit the Bajaur District and planted a tree for memorandum         CM KP Personal Assistan, Mr. Riaz Khan from PHE is chairing the meetin         ADC (G) Jalal udeen Saheb chairs the polio meeting         KASHMIR SOLIDARITY DAY 5TH FEBRUARY, 2020. In compliance with the di         PPP SUPPORT UNIT STAFF TERMS OF REFERENCE TORs         Meeting of the District Task Force regarding checking of adulteration         The worthy DC Bajaur, Mr. Usman Mehsud chairs the meeting of 40 Member         The Worthy Deputy Commissioner Bajaur, Mr Usman Mehsud is chairing the         Sensitize Campaign of plants distribution across all district Bajur l         Shahid Wakifullah leavy sepoy of Bajaur, has died in bomb blast during         Complete Panagah Report at District Level         The worthy Deputy Commissioner Bajur, Mr. Usman Mehsud chairs the meet         Re-Advertised daily ajj new paper 17.1.2020         The Worthy Deputy Commissioner Bajaur, Usman Mehsud is chairing the up         Tehsildar Khar Ajma Khan has visited the Bajaur Floor Mills with the         Institutionalization of Dara Adam Khail (DAK) Arms Industry in Peshawa         The Worthy Deputy Commissioner Bajaur, has taken action against the en         Fisheries Department Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has announce Jobs through All         Wiith the Directive of DC Bajaur,Mr. Usman Mehsud the district adminis         Appointment List of DC Office Bannu         Seniority lists with the detail of Employee in DC Office Bannu.         District Administration Officers and employees details, including a de         Recovery of advertisement charges on wilful absence.         Appointment of Ministers, Advisors, and Special Assistants to Govt of         The Deputy Commissioner Bajaur, Mr. Usman Mehsud is inaguarated the sh         The Additional Assistant Commissioner Khar, Mr. Ilyas is visiting the