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Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa formerly the North-West Frontier Province, or NWFP, runs for over 1,100 kilometres along the border with Afghanistan. Peshawar is the capital, and the heart of the province is the fertile Vale of Peshawar, which is watered by the Kabul and Swat rivers. This was the centre of the ancient kingdom of Gandhara and is rich in archaeological remains. It is bounded by Afghanistan to the west and north,Punjab province to the southeast, and Balochistan province to the southwest. On the western boundary of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, along the Afghan border, are the federally administered tribal areas, a series of semi autonomous areas that are ethnically homogeneous with the province but not politically connected to it.
S.No Title Department
1 List of Deputy Commissioners
2 List of Administrative Secretaries.
3 testing
Educational Testing & Evaluation Agency ETEA
4 New Scheme Culturable Waste Land Development in KPK
Directorate of Agriculture Engineering
5 PC-I Improvement and Lining of wcs
Directorate of OnFarm Water Management
6 Agriculture Training Instition
Agricultural Training Institute, Peshawar
7 Private Power Infrastructure Board
9 National Electric Power Regulatory Authority
10 IT Excellence Center
Science & Technology and Information Technology
11 e-Recruitment
Science & Technology and Information Technology
12 Grievances Redressal System
Science & Technology and Information Technology
13 Right to Information Portal
Science & Technology and Information Technology
Act 2018
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Designation Department / Directorate Contact / Extension Email Address
Secretary Administration Administration 9210340
PS to Secretary Administration 9210340
Director Protocol Administration 9210630
Deputy Secretary (Admn) Administration 9210385
PA to Deputy Secretary (Admn) Administration 92101385
Deputy Director (IT) Administration 9210411
Deputy Director (Protocol) Administration 9213685
Section Officer (Admin) Administration 9210088
Section Officer (Transport) Administration 9210446
Section Officer (Implementation) Administration 9223491 / 122
Section Officer (Budget) Administration 9213782
Section Officer (Cabinet) Administration 9211843 / 220
Section Officer (Cypher) Administration 9210522 / 336
Section Officer (VIP Flight-I) Administration 9210107
Section Office (VIP Flight-II) Administration 9213499

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